At present, new institutes are getting evolve every day. In this case, deciding on the course genuineness is really difficult but if you are looking for some Mobile repairing course in Delhi, our institute can offer you much better facilities and trainers than the rest of the institute prevailing in Delhi.




Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi
Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi

Our course module is designed in the simplest manner and is really easy to grasp and retain. We are stressing on both the theory and practicals as without knowing the practical use of any teaching, a student will not gain and will be able to sustain in the job market. Jobs are our priority and we are focussing on proving 100% placements in the top MNCs. Our Mobile repairing institute in Laxmi Nagar,is had successfully placed many students into their dream companies. We a created a huge learning platform where every day, highly intellectual and innovation discussions are going on to raise the interest of students and to give them an opportunity of learning better.

Giving your interview nicely is as important as grasping the theoretical knowledge in a nice manner. Each and every student who takes part in our course will be groomed for the interviews and also taught about how a resume can be made and what are the important steps that are involved in cracking the interview?

Mobile Repairing Institute in Delhi In addition to this, our counselors will always support our students during and after the class in the case of any problem related to their job and their businesses.

Mobile repairing course in Delhi Details:-

Mobile Repairing Engineering (MRE) 3 months


Mobile Advance Repairing Engineering (MARE) 1 month


Mobile Expert Repairing Engineering (MERE) 4 months


Mobile repairing course in Delhi Syllabus Details:- 

Basic All Mobile Repairing Course

All Android Smart Mobile Repairing Course

Advance Mobile Hardware Repairing Course

I phone repairing class & tracing & software

Tablet hardware & software & tracing class

Special Chinese Phone/Mobile Repairing Course Training

Advance Mobile Phone Software Repairing

ALL Mobile Tracing Course 

ALL Mobile Software classes

 Last One Month Internship of business & Job.

Smart Phone Repairing Training

I-Phone Hardware Training Class

I-Phone Software Training Class

Tablet Hardware Training Class

Tablet Software Training Class

Chinese Mobile Software Training Class

Chinese Mobile Hardware Training Class

Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi, We got all the modern technologies in our labs that are important in the gaining expertise in Mobile repairing course. We are also providing complementary phone repairing toolkit, circuit charts and CDs of application software packages to every student so that they start learning from the very first day of joining the course. When it comes to a mobile repairing course, learning every small principle is important as when it comes to submitting the very expensive mobile phone, customers want 100% assurance. We at our institute are focusing on every minute detail and never compromise when it comes to training the students in our institute.

Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi, As we are catering all types of students from professionals to graduates and even student that are just passed out of their schools, our institute is providing both short term and long term courses and the advanced level courses as well. With this facility, we are giving an opportunity to our students to do justice with the courses and their jobs.

Being one of the best mobile repairing institutes in Delhi, we are not looking back and enrolling more and more students in our courses. Our aim is to not only give these students detailed knowledge on the basics of mobile repairing but also helping them build a strong career in the same field. We are grooming our students so that they become market ready. Our students are joining MNCs after completing the course and are really satisfied with their jobs.

Friends, if you are looking for a career in Mobile Repairing Course in Laxmi Nagar you can call us any time (9990-879-879) and request a demo class to know more about the course.