Our eMMC training institute Delhi is among the top mobile eMMC programmer training institutes. Our professional approach and structured course make us different and a perfect choice for the students that are interested in the eMMC repairing course. mSAP & eMMC IC repairing course in our institute is a different experience for the students. Many of the students of our institute’s mSAP Training Course in Delhi has joined a decent job in a good and branded companies. The course our institute is providing is both long-term and short-term and students can go for it as per his convenience.

The study material of the course is created after a lot of research and steps of instructions are given in Modules to follow and perform the practicals. Every student is provided with different modules that are on different topics like eMMC repair, reprogramming, and data recovery. For all topics, a separate session is provided to make the students know the implementation part. The chapters in the modules are well connected so that the student can relate the topics. The best part of the theory is that it is written most easily and includes very interesting examples and case studies related to eMMC repairing.


Practical labs are world-class. We are training the students in a lab that is world-class and modern and specially designed for mobile repairing. The computers are carrying the software required in performing the jobs. All the students have been provided with a free tool-box that helps lot students in performing the practicals. The labs are well equipped for performing the mSAP & eMMC programming sessions. We are performing practicals related to EMMC repair, re programming & data recovery, data recovery from dead Smartphone eMMC, eMMC, mSAP chip off, Rebolling and soldering concept, and Motherboard related faults and other similar activities.


The trainers of the course are experienced and have industry exposure as well. Another quality of our trainers is that they are patient and train the students on every small step that is in the course. They are following the course systematically that is making the students remember the steps to be followed for a longer time. If any query is raised by our students, it is taken by the faculty members very seriously and the students are always encouraged for asking more questions. 


Our Placement cell is dedicated and always work for more corporate links so that students can be placed in the best companies. To make students liquidate the interview opportunities, our trainers working on their personality development and communication skills as well. We are providing mock interviews practice to students so that they can face the interviews confidently and get the jobs.


The fee payment options of our eMMC repair training Delhi are very flexible and a student can pay in installments as well. If you are also interested in the profile of mobile eMMC programmer, you can contact our eMMC training institute Delhi, on the details provided on our website and request for our eMMC IC repairing courseand we will contact you with all the required things to be done for joining our mSAP repairing course.

ABC Mobile institute लाया है mSAP Training Program

अब आसान तरीके से चिप लेवेल का काम सीखे

दोस्तो अब आप बेहद अस्सन तरीके से ABC Institute के माध्यम से mSAP Training Program करेंगे

eMMC के साथ अब mSAP Training Programe करके अपनी टेक्निकल क्षमता को और बड़ाये ओर बने दूसरों से बिलकुल अलग, इसमे आपको upgrade IC की भी Repairing सिखाई जाती है

नमस्ते दोस्तो , आज हम आपको जानकारी देना चाहते है ABC Mobile Training institute के माध्यम से आपको Advance Chip level IC Repairing, mSAP Training Programe की सम्पूर्ण जानकारी जिसे करने क बाद आप अपने आपको दूसरों से ऊपर रख कर मार्केट मे काम कर सकते हो , ओर जो dead mobile कहीं भी reapir नही होते उनको reapir कर सकते हो 

Before start to read mSAP you must read it:-

If  you knowv the mobile repairing training ?  then you must know about the ic level work, people who has knows about the repairing of mobile they must have to know about the latest teachnogy also

ABC institute of technology now presenting the Advance level mobile phone Repairing Techniques it content latest technologies like eMMC and mSAP IC level Repairing technique.

We converting mobile phone repairing technician into the masters, they have all the knowledge which others never had.

Read till the end for more information:-

ABC mobile institute of technology is the only institution who providing mSAP Training Program, it is itself the unique technology which other people didn’t have

As we said mSAP training Program is developed Training concept in it we will teach you latest mobile phones IC related Issues . which is only possible after learn mSAP course

Now Comes to the mSAP Training Program Specification:-

There are some impotent key highlights

  1. Normal IC & Pasted IC cutting process of eMMC.         
    2. Reballing / Fixing /Upgrade of eMMC .
    3. Programming of eMMC with J-TAG Box and UFI Box.
    4. Repartition Process Of eMMC
    5. Changing Process of eMMC  without CPU
    6. Proceess of FRP Unlocking of New Handsets
  2. ISP Pin out Supply Testing of new Modals .
    8. Solution of Dump File Read and Write

Experts trainers Class About Advance Level Mobiles Modals

  1. Recovery solution of Advance Dead Phone by the Hardware / Software
    2. Shorting solution , including –
    Clear Concept One-Shot- Charging, Ringing, Light, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera and Audio & basic & Advance Tracing.
    3. Network Program Solution
    4. Advance & Basic method of recover All Damaged Normal IC & Advance IC Print in PCB.
    5. Solution of Graphic Problem
    6. Solution of Blue Light
  2. solution of No Display Also

eMMC Repairing Course

by joining mSAP Training Course you can easily increase You business and increase revenue  by repairing dead phones mobile.